Specialist services for the construction industry including: Pre-Contract Review, Post-Contract Support, Preparation, Defence and Negotiation of Claims, Dispute Avoidance and Dispute Resolution. Services also include employee training.

Through the services listed below, Conlex provides Employers, Main Contractors and Sub Contractors with commercial solutions that manage risk throughout all phases of a construction project, with the aim of avoiding costly disputes.

Our Services

Pre-contract Review

Having a clear understanding of the commercial risks you are being asked to tender for is an essential component of every tendering process, regardless of its project size. We will support you with

  • a robust review of the tender documents
  • explain the advantages or disadvantages of your tender
  • clearly define what the risks are
  • establish a strategy that will give you a commercial advantage over your competition.

Post-contract Support

The commercial management of construction contracts is essential for their success. With expertise in Quantity Surveying and Construction Law, we aim to provide you with the necessary dual supports needed to protect your financial interests and allow you to achieve your goals.

Such supports will include

  • contract administration
  • interim and final account preparation and agreement
  • strategic commercial support on contractual entitlement
  • procurement support
  • representation at commercial meetings and
  • expert support to resolve payment disputes.

Preparation, Defence & Negotiation of Claims

Claims for loss and expense on construction projects can often be problematic. Claim support requires

  • in-depth knowledge of the contract documents and construction law
  • knowledge of the facts pertaining to each claim.

A clear understanding of these components allows us to produce robust claim submissions on your behalf.

Our extensive experience and dual expertise will give you the essential support to successfully prepare, defend and negotiate construction claims.  

Dispute Avoidance

When disputes happen, they impact people's relationships and the commercial performance of projects. These disputes can be avoided if

  • both parties know at an early stage what the issues are
  • know what is being disputed, and
  • the parties' know their rights and obligation under the contract.  

By engaging with us at an early stage, we will

  • manage these issues for you as they arise
  • gathering the evidence
  • present the issues to support your case and
  • enter into proactive discussions on your behalf.

This process will ensure that disputes don't get referred to outside parties for decision, which can be expensive and disruptive to cash flow.  

Dispute Resolution

In cases where efforts to resolve your payment dispute by negotiation are not successful, we will resolve your dispute quickly and cheaply by private dispute resolution other than resolution by the court. During the dispute resolution process, we will

  • Prepare your case, outlining the facts and contractual entitlement
  • Present and defend your entitlement to the Adjudicator
  • Translate complex elements of your case
  • Provide additional information to the Adjudicator, if needed

Disputes under adjudication can be resolved within 2 months of the referral.


'Knowledge is power' - no great work can be done without knowledge.
Conlex also provides training to both employers and employees to give them the knowledge they need in all areas of construction and contract law. Click here to view the topics covered and we can arrange a course tailored to your specific requirements.

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